SoundCloud – Music created by the audience, for the audience

When I read this weeks brief, to find something online that is driven by its audience, the first thing that came to my mind was SoundCloud. Created in 2007, the platform “allows users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds“. Its free service attracts 175 million unique monthly listeners, and the amount of content these users create is astounding. According to the companies data, content creators upload about 12 hours worth of audio every minute. 1280px-soundcloud_logo-svg

The reason I think SoundCloud is driven by its audience is because, without their contributions, the website would fail to exist. What makes it even better is the diversity of artists sharing their music on the platform. From stars like Kanye West promoting their new albums, to underground grime artists uploading their latest tracks, the diversity in the music is incredible.


A few months after it was founded, SoundCloud entered a war with MySpace to become the biggest platform for musicians to distribute their music. Judging by the lack of users on MySpace these days, SoundCloud won. With such a simple

With such a simple interface as well, SoundCloud ensures that anyone, anywhere in the world can upload their music and share it with others. And with more than 40 million registered users, SoundCloud is well and truly driven by its audience.




  1. I think soundcloud is such a great app for listening to music, and is a really good way for underground artists to get their music out there. I know many people that use soundcloud as a way for people to listen to their music and it’s a very large platform for upcoming artists and a great way for them to share their music with others.

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  2. Soundcloud is one of the most valuable websites when it comes to sharing your own music with others. I am a composer of classical music myself and soundcloud is a really good method to get my pieces heard by other composers. It is not only good for publicity, but to gather professional opinions and suggestions for improvement. The content on soundcloud is completely formed by the audience for other users to hear and discover new talent. It is a good way to become a successful musician, or just listen to other people’s music, creations, ideas, podcasts and other useful information.

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  3. Indeed, Soundcloud is one of the best examples of platforms based on user-generated content. I am glad a thing like this exists. My close friend, for example, started his career as an EDM producer on this platform. His tracks are now being played on every major radio station back at home. What started as a tiny contribution to an online community, ended up being a path to success.
    However, there is an issue with such platforms: as users are allowed to fully express themselves, the quantity of mediocre content on the platform is rather large. On the other hand, this mediocre content might actually turn into something great one day, as the feedback in the form of comments, likes and shares allows artists to improve and grow.
    This is what is great about platforms like Soundcloud: everyone is welcome, and users actually feel as a part of an online community, uploading, listening to and sharing music, podcasts, etc.
    Great post!

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  4. Yes, ‘soundcloud’ is such a good app to use when it comes to downloading music for free, and I love the range of music genre choices we can pick from. Without its audience and the participation, we probably wouldn’t be listening to free and good quality music.

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  5. I love SoundCloud! I use it less for listening to music but rather as a hosting/sharing site. I’ve previously used it for class projects, and now I’m producing my own podcast and I upload my episodes there! It’s such an easy way for users to create their own media and share with others.

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