Audience participation? To be honest what can’t we involve ourselves in? There are so many sites that allow the growth of an audience such as Wikipedia, Facebook, dating websites and even sound cloud. However I want to discuss about the obvious YouTube site. Now I’m not going to start off by giving you a description of YouTube because I know most of you are well aware of its contents. However did you know that the average time an individual spends on watching YouTube videos on their mobile phones is 40 minutes.

videos most commonly watched on YouTube consist of vlogs and tips, these are very  popular as it allows a build up of relationship  between the bloggers and their audience. through blogs, you-tubers are able to interact and with the viewers by asking questions and introducing stuff like giveaways whereby the you-tubers organizing competition where viewers get the chance to win prizes.


our generation has become so involved with videos to get by. Most vloggers talk about their current life problems which also relate to similar problems viewers encounter in day to day life. Such vlogs includes things about sexuality and coming out while others are tips on makeup, fashion or even silly stuff like what drinks are better! i think its fair to say that YouTube is a great example of audience participation.



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  1. I like your examples of how vloggers are sharing their personal experiences and the audience can relate to such topics for example, beauty and sexuality. This can also make the audience feel part of an online community. Good post.


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