8 ways Buzzfeed has shaped our audience


  1. Well it has been described as the most influential news organisation in America.
  2. The internet is powerful medium and in some ways Buzzfeed demonstrates an understanding of this medium than any ever.
  3. .The use of random numbers, creating a new way to present content which can be relatable to all e.g. ’48 Things That Mildly Thrill Everyone Who Works in an Office.
  4. Whilst some question their journalistic style, some say it has just been recreated but just targeting a younger demographic.
  5. Not many publications can say that their articles have been viewed more than 14 million times.
  6. It has been reported that Buzzfeed’s demographic is evenly split in terms of gender with 51% male and 49% female. An estimated 23 percent range between the ages 18-24; 28.7 percent are between 25 and 32.
  7. They have successfully devised a system where they can advertise their material to other publications as well as promoting their own brand.
  8. You can easily identify a Buzzfeed headline when you see one, some of them are not the most informative. However the majority of consumers today don’t pay attention to words and paragraphs but engage with creative titles and images.


  1. This is a very clever way of finiding something to talk about on a subject that can provide so much or too little. Making a listicle such as what you have typed up helps us understand the blog post. Subject wise Buzzfeed is very communicative and we wouldn’t have so much to read without audience participation otherwise

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  2. The format of this post was a surprise, as it’s not just generic paragraphs full of words! The list makes facts very understandable and it definitely caught my attention fast, so great job!
    I probably would have emphasised a bit more on how audience participation influences the site, and how international and interactive it is and also allows for non-editor posts, but I think Buzzfeed is an interesting and huge outlet which wins with its relatability for our generation, and due to its large following generates insane amounts of clicks. I’m excited to see its influence in the future. Good and very different post!

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  3. It is really interesting that you have written this blog post as listicle!!! It has grabbed my attention in the first second!! Besides that, I can tell that you have done well research on Buzzfeed according to the provided statistic data. However I think one thing that can be slightly improved is that your perspective could be a bit more critical and specific.

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