GoFundMe-The Beauty of The Public’s Power

As the public over the media could count as a rather scary thing, I appreciate and delight to find the positive actions and flows that the media allow. GoFundMe, is a beautiful example of the unity over the media platform, for the way that participation of the audience- is the one that creates the content, and leads the change.

GoFundMe is a crowdfunding platform, created in May 2010 by Brand Damphousse and Andrew Ballester. The idea of the website is to allow individuals to share their story and to raise money from their supporters. The stories on the website are both life events and further challenging circumstances as an illness for instance.

the website is divided into categories while the one that I like the most- is the Love category. Yes, I am such a cliché. However, this category, even though is not urgent and quite ordinary- is a stage for rather romantic stories of
amber-roof-800or the difficulty in funding marriage these days. The support, however, is amazing. How self-expression of one, encourage a total stranger to supporting and to possibly fulfil their dreams- is precious, unique, and worth our attention.

Again, I find the public sphere over the media as a challenge for society, as a community and as individuals. We have the responsibility to direct the content, the action, and the power- to create a better place.


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  1. It is not very common to see people donating money on the internet to help other individuals (not charities) and thus makes me have faith that the internet could help create a better world after all.

    In particular, I remember a campaign called ‘Saving Eliza’ on GoFundMe which helped raised over $2 million for a young girl to have life-saving therapy. I believe the website also got a lot of popularity after singer Taylor Swift made a $50K contribution to a young girl’s fight against cancer.

    This website, and others like it, are life-changing for the individuals involved. It is a great example of when the public has the power to shape an online platform.


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