Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet (LBP) is a video game first released in 2008 by Sony entertainment on their PlayStation3, LBP is a puzzle platform video game, the game consists of players controlling their sack dolls to jump over obstacles and mazes to reach the end of the level to win.


Media Molecule (the developer of the first LBP) have introduced LBP2 as a sequel on PlayStation3, LBP3 the has been developed by Sumo digital for the PlayStation4 with Media Molecule still in the picture assisting in it’s development.

As well as having a handful of puzzling levels created by the game’s developers, the game is more famous as a game creation system, the tagline for LBP is “Play, Create, Share.” LBP allows players to create their own levels (user generated content) and designs and share them so that other players of the game can try new levels and make their own.

LBP players create thousands of levels from their imaginations, or even create the level based on some form of inspiration like a character from a movie, or a cartoon, or whatever it is you like. This allows players to keep trying newer and newer levels created by players from all over the world each second, and if you get bored, make your own!




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  1. This is a really interesting post! I remember playing LBP when I was younger and it never really occurred to me that I was playing maps that other people had spent a lot of time creating.

    The fact that there is a sequel in the works for a Playstation 4 version suggests that this type of game and the content creation and sharing options within it is very popular with gamers.

    It will be interesting to see if the next version will be driven by users as much as the older versions, I for one hope it is!

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