The Beauty Crush

Samantha Maria aka The Beauty Crush is a very well known YouTuber/Blogger.

While Sammi was studying Fashion Styling at Southampton Solent University, she created her YouTube channel along side it.

The Beauty Crush is now one of the biggest YouTubers of our time. Her make up and styling videos rapidly started gathering millions of views and soon got to where she is today.

Nowadays she is very interactive with her fans and likes to get their opinions on what videos they would like to see. She does this by interacting with them on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, which keeps her audiences interacted and engaged. As well as having her vlogging channel she also has created a blog where she is able to go into more depth about her experiences.

Recently, she created a Twitter poll asking her followers what make up tutorial they would next like to she in her video.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 13.23.08.png

As soon as the results were in, later that night she uploaded the desired make up tutorial.

Most of the videos she uploads onto her YouTube channel are inspired by what her followers want to see, making The Beauty Crush very in-touch and connected with her audience. As well as creating make up tutorials, The Beauty Crush also does Q&A videos and monthly ‘lookbooks’.



  1. Really good example of audience participation. I have recently started to watch beauty vloggers In particular and I think the way they categorise what they do, for example presenting different makeup styles makes it more appealing for the audience.


  2. This is an interesting post! I’ve watched thebeautycrush’s videos before, especially since living in London her content is very relatable sometimes, but it’s not a form of audience participation you’d really think of at first. I suppose many vloggers let viewers or even sponsors influence their content to maximise their exposure or profits, which is a smart move for them. Twitter’s recently introduced poll feature can definitely be of immense help for vloggers/bloggers because they’ll no longer have to go through thousands of comments to find the general consensus of something, and rather get it at first sight. Great post!


  3. Great example of audience participation. You don’t see so many vloggers asking their fans for an opinion on what the videos should be about. If you think about it, it is effective, is a way to get the audience to always follow their activity.
    I have never heard of Samantha until now, so thank you for bringing it up. I will surely research her work as I often watch vloggers in my spare time.


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