The face of many faces

Art is and has always been a huge part of audience participation. So what better example than the Queen? For her diamond Jubilee, the charity FaceBritain collected 200,000 self portraits of children to create a huge display that aired on the front of Buckingham Palace.

Not only was this an attempt to break the Guinness world record, it also proves that by collaborating with people from across a nation can bring us all closer together.

As for the audience participation online? For starters, there’s the get involved page where Prince Charles patiently sits down to talk about who can get involved and how to do it.

The charity website also has pages linking to the resources needed to create your portrait as well as what happens to your picture.

I think this is a collaboration worth mentioning because not only does it fit the brief of audience members getting involved, it encourages young children to become more creative and to experience things they never would of thought possible. After all, the Princes trust foundation (who FaceBritain are working with) are all about charity and involvement.

This is a topic that is much more interesting whilst exploring the site rather than reading about it. You leave the page with the feeling of wanting to take part in something. Being part of a group makes us feel as if we have become part of a community.



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