Tumblr – By users, for users.

After reading this week’s question, I immediately thought of Tumblr which is a blog type of website where people share thoughts and images of their personal interest, experiences, life stories and a lot more. Almost everything we see on the website was created by its users/audience, only the domain name and the original idea itself was created by the company. It is a fascinating blogging website where people are able to be themselves by re-posting what the other users have already posted if they sympathise with it. The content is one hundred percent made by its audience which go around amongst the users, who ‘reblog’ it later, making it more visible. There is a follow system which enables users to interact with each other and share their personal images, videos and content they have found. Tumblr has a mechanism which enables users to code their own themes, designs and layouts, therefore even the outside look of the website is created by the audience itself. tumblr_badgehtmlcode
By altering these codes, the website will  immediately look different, so the users can create their very unique appearance. These codes and themes were already created by users who used this website. The information on Tumblr travels rapidly amongst the audience which enables them to share knowledge, interests and entertainment. It is considered as a blog, yet it is so different to WordPress which is used for a more professional purpose, other than entertainment and sharing information and content with other people that they have an interest in ‘following.’tumblr_lmlop03MRv1qgg6d7
Content of other people are seen on their dashboard and as they scroll down, they see more and more posts from different users. This is a great way of being a part of an online community and I do believe this is a good example of an online website that was completely shaped by its audience for the audience.



  1. Tumblr is a great example of audience participation because without it’s users creating it’s content there would be nothing to look at. I would say the content on Tumblr is far more diverse than anything you get on Facebook or Twitter, and that’s because of the participation of the diverse and unique people using creating it. There is a fan base for everything, and blogs for just about anything you could imagine, which makes it fascinating to explore. Although the staff run the site, it’s the users that ultimately make what is so addictive about Tumblr- it’s content!

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  2. I myself have a Tumblr and I think it is a great platform to share your creative work as well as gaining inspiration from others.
    Also very interesting is how memes develop on Tumblr which has created this ‘tumblr humour’ , which no one would understand outside the network.
    The diverse content and immense user base has definitely shaped Tumblr!

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  3. Tumblr is an extremely good example of an online community that is shaped by its audience. The whole site relies upon the audience creatively making, posting and rebloging content to keep the community alive, and the advertisers funding. The site appeals to a mostly young audience due to the sites informality, compared to wordpress. It’s also useful to see what is trending in popular culture- this blog has weekly statistics of popular fandoms on the site -> https://thefandometrics.tumblr.com/home .The simplicity to infinitely continue to scroll and reblog is addictive, even though the audience and staff may disagree now and again, ultimately tumblr is a site shaped by its users.

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