Twitch and KSI

When I read this question, the first thing that came to mind was Twitch on the Xbox. For those of you who don’t own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One, Twitch is an app which allows players to stream their gameplay online so that other viewers can watch it. Viewers (who have nothing else to do apparently) can then respond to this live play on ‘Twitch Chat’, which works pretty much like an online chat room on the side of the screen.

‘KSIOlajidebt’ (more commonly known as ‘KSI’) is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. His Twitch account has over 318,000 followers who actively follow his broadcasts and write to him during gameplay. Viewers can also watch his broadcasts and take part in the conversation without subscribing to the account (making his figures amount to over 5.1 million). KSI also puts up some of his longer broadcasts onto his two YouTube channels which have a further total 16 million subscribers (one channel has 12 million, the HD version has 4 million).


Viewers can say things like “bro, take a left here” or “dude, see what happens if you chuck a grenade to your right”. The broadcaster then does as he is asked as his aim is to entertain and to please the audience. The entire experience is shaped by his willingness to listen to his viewers and to basically, give them what they want. Where would KSI be without his followers?

And of course, in return, KSI gets paid through donations. Those who subscribe are generally the donors and therefore KSI is more likely to respond to their chat during gameplay or even give them a shout-out as a way of saying thank you.

Check out his channels as an example of Twitch herehere and here.

Viewers sometimes watch these programs simply to be part of the online community and to ‘take part’ but others can use it as to decide whether or not to purchase certain games as they get a good feel for what is involved in the gameplay.

On a more personal note, I don’t get the whole appeal. Watching someone open ‘Fifa packs’ for an hour is not my idea of entertainment. I would rather spend the time actually playing the games myself (I’m the sort of person who hates even waiting for my turn on single player games) but I do know many people who really love using Twitch.

Had you heard of Twitch before and do you think it sounds appealing? Would you give up your time to watch others play Xbox games and why?




  1. Twitch, where millions of gamers stream gameplay (might be a little bit over exaggerated). As an Xbox one owner I know about the existence of Twitch, and do use it to asses buying new goes or not and like you I’d prefer to play rather than watch. However I do sometimes stream too, but I don’t necessarily listen to what people say in the comments, I’d prefer to just be myself and play the game the way I want to, however without the audience participation as you’ve mentioned it becomes kind of pointless.

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  2. Really interesting example of the audience shaping the content they enjoy. While KSI might listen directly to his fan-base during streaming sessions you could also argue that youtubers and streamers in general listen to their fans when creating new videos and other forms of content. They knowingly make videos that their fans will enjoy based off the feedback from previous videos. While it sounds like a good system there is a risk of the individual losing their identity by wanting to please their audience.

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  3. Wow, this is a great example of content which is formed by the audience as us, the viewers are able to interact with the person we are watching in a way not many technologies allow us to. I find it fascinating how we, as the audience are able to tell the broadcaster a certain thing and he will be able to do it, thus the content of his broadcast becomes altered by us. It also has many uses, to use it for entertainment or to see whether the game is actually good. This is good application for the gaming community itself. I would definitely give up my time on watching people play Xbox games as I find it quite entertaining, to see their reaction and being able to contribute towards the actions they do. I do believe many people agree with me as KSI has many subscribers and also there are many YouTube channels with millions of subscribers based around gaming; therefore many have an interest in watching someone play. I believe it’s because we like to have a say in what we see, and these gamers and technologies enable us to do exactly that.

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