Twitch, the online commuinty for online gamers in an online world

As a gamer myself, i find nothing more entertaining then watching people on YouTube play games and cock up. Despite this not being to everyone taste, it has a large following. To the point where you are able to share live game play with people across the world. This is the world of twitch, a sight with millions of users and followers. A place where you are able to share you gaming passion with other people across the world.

So with this how is anyone able to interact with people and more importantly how can it impact the audience. Well twitch is a form of social media that many gamers go too to watch their favourite gamers. Gamers such as Syndicate, nerd3 have become some of the most successful gamers out there due to this website. This is due to interaction with the audience.

The way in which you are able to interact with your audience is via a live stream chat on the side of the screen. During this you are able to send a live message to the person your watching live or talk to other games, get a better interaction compare to another social media site.

Twitch as a whole is able to do so much more then just watching people play games. Its a place for anyone with a small interest in gaming can come along and share in the passion.



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