“Where snaps become reality”

Ohh where art thou Snapchat? Snapchat is growing immensely in the Social Media Business. This is a photo and video based app that sends either individual or public messages. Also, where your “friends” can see your content ranging from 1-10 sec on personal message or 1 sec to 24 hours on your story where everyone can see. In a way, it’s a window into the users lives. In the society of Snapchat it is okay to post eventful videos, glamour shots to ugly pictures and embracing videos. This is all acceptable because it does not stay on the Snapchat it “disappears” into snappy space….

Audience Participation is key, as DJ Khaled would say. In order for this business to strive and represent their brand in every way possible, they need to involve every user on a national level. This allows users to upload pictures and videos to whatever story that is in their region. This is only platform that allows you view the lives of other people around you or the world. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, this creates a nation of audience participation. Where every day you can see the lives of Londoner or people in the Philippines or celebrate New Year’s all over the world. It also makes you aware of historic events and cultures around the world.


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