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Reading the other posts on this blog I’m slightly confused why nobody in our group has used Wikipedia as their example, the articles are written by people for people. Because of this level of audience participation since its launch in 2001,  Wikipedia isn’t seen as a credible source of information despite the fact that there are moderators on the site to ensure there are no falsehoods or misinformation.

The main selling point behind Wikipedia is that it has comprehensive articles (over five million) on topics ranging from literature to politics, art to neuroscience, there is literally something for everybody.

Due to the success and stature of the site, it has been a target for ‘vandalism’. That is the term used to describe content in an article which is not true, advertising, spam, obscene or crude humour. However due to the large amount of activity on the site vandalism is usually taken care of in minutes

As of 2016, there are 291 language editions of Wikipedia meaning it’s open to people all over the world. The English version of Wikipedia receives 58% of Wikipedia’s overall traffic with the Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish versions being the most popular foreign language editions.



  1. Great post, Wikipedia is a fantastic website for information. Regardless if people think it isn’t credible, we all still use it! Strange to think nobody thought of using it but at least you did! I like how you’ve mentioned it’s written by the people for the people and the 291 languages used, really do cement this claim.


  2. Great post! I agree and was also surprised that no one else chose to cover Wikipedia for this topic. The point you’ve made about the site not being seen as a credible source is interesting. We have been told so many times not to cite it, but I agree with you because I think it is very useful, maybe not in an essay but definitely for background research of something.

    I also didn’t know that there are moderators that work on the site to ensure that it stays as factual as possible.

    The fact that there are 291 language editions of Wikipedia is incredible, and I think it would be interesting to see how many people visit the site daily, as I bet it’s a massive number of people!

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