ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Every once in a while the internet becomes fascinated by the latest craze, and in the summer of 2014, it all became about pouring ice cold water over your head in aid of raising money for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The reason behind pouring ice cold water over your head was because it is said the sensation is similar to the feeling you get when you have the disease.

It became an internet meme- everyone from a drunken Chris Pratt to Kermit the Frog and everyone on your Facebook timeline took part. It became an internet meme because everyone could get involved and they could get all of their friends involved, too.

The question of whether the pouring of water over your head was more useful than actually donating to the charity is debatable. But it raised awareness of the disease and for those few short months in 2014, everyone was getting involved, which is what the inventors of the ice bucket challenge intended.

Although the ice bucket challenge was triggered by a serious subject, it was a fun activity that captured the imagination of the whole internet. It was the ultimate way of raising awareness through audience participation, and managed to raise money for the charity. If another serious disease could come up with a similar way of raising awareness, it’s obvious that the internet would lap it up in a similar way.

Even Kermit the Frog got involved in the Ice Bucket Challenge








  1. The ALS Ice Bucket challenge is a great example of audience participation. It’s the perfect example of using virality to do good. I do think there was one problem with it being so well known and that was some people saw it as a social status and forgot what it was actually about – raising money and awareness for a disease.


  2. Great example of audience participation! It’s interesting how sometimes the simplest ideas become viral. That was a smart way to get attention. Even though, as you said, the reasons to do it half of the time were less generous and more “social”, it was an amazing way to spread all over the globe, focusing the public attention on a valuable cause.


  3. Love your example! As I mentioned in my post, I believe that the public over the media gets such an enormous power, and I am so glad to see when this power is being channeled to positive directions. Even though the particular campaign was criticized to be just a fashionable trend- I believe that even if unconsciously, it did educate and unite society for a great purpose.


  4. You raise some interesting points like “raised awareness of the disease and for those few short months in 2014” i agree with this statement however I think the challenge was nothing more than sort of phase that everyone went through but the issue with this is that majority of people that did the challenge only went through with it because of peer pressure. Majority of people who actually went through with the challenge neglected one major part of it, donating money to help the people with the disease. Overall i enjoyed your post, it gave me a clear perspective on what the ALS challenge was about.


  5. I really like your example of the online participation! You have well outlined the features of ice bucket challenge as well. I still remember, even though it was originated on face book back to that time, people and celebrities in China also got actively involved in this charity progression (Ps Face book is banned in China). Based on that, the power of internet participation could be seen as even more considerable in terms of breaking the Boundary and delivering inevitable influence. Therefore, I definitely agree with your opinion that internet can significantly bring up the public awareness, to add my point of view on that, in the mean time, information spreading on internet is also normally accompanied by large sense of entertainment and engagement, which has simultaneously promoted the progression in corresponding.


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