The First Email Ever Sent!

Although you probably think of  emails as being a thoroughly modern way of communicating with each other, the first ever email was sent 45 years ago in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. This is what I find most interesting with the history of the internet, because I always see the email as an invention of the 21st Century or the late 1990s.

So for the first email to have been sent almost thirty years prior to this is quite shocking. When asked what was the first email sent, Ray Tomlinson said he doesn’t remember because he thought it was that insignificant. He thinks it was something like “QWERTYUIOP”. But no one asked him to invent email – it was something that Ray Tomlinson was working on as a side project by himself.

Obviously, the emailing system that we all know today is far more advanced than what was in the 1970s. But what Ray Tomlinson invented when he was meant to be working on something else, helped changed the way we communicated with people forever.

With millions of emails being sent every day, it’s easy to take this method of communication for granted-like text messages and phone calls- but to be invented in the early 1970s when similar technology was invented is quite extraordinary.



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