online community: mumsnet


Mumsnet is an online community for parents. It is a place where parents can come together to get advice and support about the bringing up of their children, including areas such as education, life and style, food and work. There is also a ‘bloggers network‘ page with a blog of the day and features page. Members of this community can post their own blogs and comment on others. This may help them to express their own feelings and also help others who may be experiencing similar issues. The community also creates campaigns such as the ‘Campaign for better Miscarriage Care‘ where members can have their say and get involved with issues they are passionate about. Feeling part of a community, especially for new or stay-at-home mothers, may help them feel as though they are not alone.

Some, often mainly men, are opposed to the site, feeling as though it is discriminative against men. However, as the site is for women, and therefore is more specialised, this may ensure women feel more comfortable to express their worries and feel more united. Other challenges faced may be making women feel worried if they aren’t experiencing certain things that other women on the site seem to be, however, the site does attempt to cater for all mums and give them peace of mind.



  1. I think that this is such a good example of an online community and I was actually going to use this example myself! This online community is such a good way for women to share their experiences online and learn from each other. This site has many useful areas where they can educate themselves with anything they are unsure about, especially if they are new mothers. The campaign they created was a clever idea as it lets women feel more connected and know that they are not alone.


  2. Really good example! I wasn’t really aware that a community like this was so popular until I read this. I agree with your comment that women will share their experience or worries as they are all going through the same thing.


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