Indeed is an online community that allows people all over the world to find their desired job.


Indeed is one of the most successful job websites in the world. The online community has over 180 million people visit their website each month from over 50 different countries. It allows people to create an online persona – making themselves more valuable to a company than what they actually are.

As well as helping people find jobs, Indeed are determined to find the right employee for the job. It allows people to search for jobs all over the internet and it is becoming more common of employers posting their available positions straight onto Indeed.

Indeed is an easy and helpful community for people all around the world to find employment. They can chose what sort of job they are looking for, what type of salary they would like to earn and how often they would like to work.

As well as having such a useful online website, Indeed have designed an app and send emails to their users updating them on jobs that are most suited for them. It is a serviceable online community that helps the employees as well as the employers.



  1. Interesting choice of online community. I have never heard of it and I am glad you brought it up. I will definitely check it out.
    As you described it, sounds like the perfect ‘agency’ if you’re looking for a job.The opportunities that it offers and the variety of choices they give to us, its users, makes it so much easier to find a job and it also makes the website useful and successful.


  2. This is an example of an online community, which has not only provided a very customized experience for its members but is also acting as a medium between two traditionally segregated social groups: employees and employers.

    I agree with my colleague that ‘Indeed’ is a widely beneficial community, which aims to serve its users’ needs, while creating a very targeted online experience.

    Employment is an issue,which is affecting and has the potential to bring together a large quantity of users. However, simply relying on it is not enough for a sustainable online community.

    What ‘Indeed’ as an online platform has recognized are the advantages of customizing your members’ experience to the largest possible extent, in order to keep their interest in your services.

    Such types of communities have proven to be quite successful within the online environment, not only because they know what their target audience is looking for, but also because they have achieved the perfect medium of being a ‘serviceable online community’ (see ‘Indeed’).


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