LinkedIn – a professional network

I can’t really make an accurate estimate of how many people in this group have a LinkedIn profile, but I do, and while it’s currently hardly active I know that it will be helpful and interesting in the future – and here’s why:

Boasting more than 400 million members from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is as diverse demographically as it is in its variety of industries. It is the largest professional network where people in any business can digitally list their skills, education history and work experience, building what is essentially a virtual CV. With colleagues and friends building your personal network, they can endorse your skills, raising your employability – indeed, LinkedIn is widely used by headhunters to roam networks and recruit the best possible candidate for a job without going through the hassle of hundreds of applications.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 16.11.06.png

Furthermore, you can follow businesses and brands you’re affiliated with, to create contacts in their network or simply keep up with them, and join groups relevant to your field. In our case, for example, Media & Entertainment Professionals, which regularly informs 170,000 members about industry news. There are also so-called influencers on the site, featuring high-profile people such as David Cameron or Bill Gates, who blog posts to spread their cause and mean to inspire followers to find success by listing their own CVs.

The fact that LinkedIn’s community is consistently growing and being used to widen one’s professional network from both the top and bottom of the career ladder tells us that it might come in handy in the future. And since we know that for example online dating is a very successful concept nowadays, why not give being matched up with a job or useful contacts a go? We might get lucky.






  1. You’ve outlined LinkedIn really well, especially when mentioning the different features of it. As a PR student LinkedIn is a great tool fro me to use, especially when it comes to following certian influencers in a particular industry, it saves you the time of having to keep checking up different news resources to find out about what’s happening in that industry, furthermore keeping you connected with your high school and university friends who you can potentially collaborate with in the future, not to mention previous, present and future employers.


  2. I love using LinkedIn as it is so useful in the professional world. When I was working in a tech startup, we relied heavily on LinkedIn as the way to communicate with potential investors. My own LinkedIn account has grown over the last few years since I joined up as I have joined more and more public relations communities such as the PRCA and CIPR. When I went to the PRCA’s monthly get-together, I exchanged LinkedIn details with a couple of people – one of which ended up publishing something I wrote. It is a great tool and great for networking.


  3. LinkedIn is a great example of an online community. I think people, myself included, are quick to jump to social media like Facebook and Twitter when they hear online community. LinkedIn is a professional community and can be used for very different purposes than Facebook. I portray myself differently on these two websites, so I find it interesting that we can look at two different websites and compare the images/representations based on their community type.

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