The Student Room



The Student Room is a online community for school and University students. Established in 2001, the UK based site helps students make informed education choices, get help with their studies, and seek support and advice on student life in contemporary society. With over 1.8 million members it is the largest student community in the world.

TSR is a positive online community as it allows students to express concerns, questions and queries about their education and lifestyle to other students. Forums on the site not only cover GCSE’s, A-Levels and University but also careers, heath, relationships, news and entertainment. It  also provides revision tools and information on student finance and UCAS applications, which can be a confusing and complicated system for students to navigate.

All of these aspects are enhanced by the forums community spirit of helping one another, which benefits members as they can make informed decisions from other peoples experiences. Students asking their peers for advice is effective as it carries a weight of honestly as it feels more personal and trusting than a cold government site, for example. Anonymity is also an option on the site, so someone who is troubled with a difficult or personal issue can seek help freely.

With any forum many challenges and limitations arise, such as anonymity which can give way to trolling  and people’s experiences may be anomalies, exaggerated or complete lies. 


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  1. This is a very good example of a more formal online community. I am registered to it myself, it is definitely a good method to discuss issues, problems and generally have a conversation with other students from the same academic level as you, who are also interested in the same subject area. I believe that is the exact purpose of online communities, to talk with people with the same interests and share knowledge with each other. The student room has helped me alot before coming to university and helped to discuss not only university related issues but personal concerns about funding, etc. Great example!

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