Bodyspace: Let’s conquer the weakness together

According to the common principle of online community, Bodyspace as one of the biggest fitness community in the world has provided the approachable platform for all the fitness enthusiasts in aid to meet their ambitious goal of bodily building-up achievement. Varied from other online communities, once you open the page, scrolling pictures of bulky men and toned women, and detailed training plan have created such inspirational atmosphere.

The implication of this community consists solely of the engagement of its memberships, posts ranged from nutrition to fitness products have been cataloged as motivation, competition and woman transformation etc. Basically, people can find everything that they want to know about fitness from others’ sharing. Nevertheless, it is not just the place for people to encourage each other but also the milestones established by themselves step by step.

In my opinion, fitness community is reinforcing the social connection between those lonely, boring, tiring activities.It is gathering the common interest from its followers and simultaneously enlarging the promotion and excitation for them resulting from the collaborated contribution. However, it is hard to stay in the certainly appropriate self evaluation, especially when you see some one is doing way better than you, which could be thus argued as the negative influence of the environment. To explain it, you may probably overestimate yourself’s limitation by seeing some one is doing much weight more than you normally do, which consequently leads to irrationally anxiety. In that case, do ever get too attached to virtual world, it helps as well as influences.


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