Communities combating cancer one step at a time.

Macmillan have an online community that is bursting at the seams with positivity. Why? Because people gather together to talk about the one relatable issue that unites them. It’s hard living with cancer or with people who have it in your family.

The benefits of the members participation is the fact that being able to talk about such a strong, vivid topic with someone enables you to free your mind of troublesome thoughts. The members get a sense that they are not alone in the world.

The challenges faced with this community may be that- being how sensitive the subject is, those who are more strong minded may offend the more sensitive types by mentioning something offensive or touchy. There are also very cruel people in the world and trolling is not something foreign to any website.

I like the fact that you can ask as many questions as you like on the site. There is an opportunity for members to create groups (A little like Facebook) and discuss their own personal details with each other.

You can post reviews and blog pieces to help out people who for example are going into chemotherapy.

This is such a good community. There are videos and contact details to make sure you know that you can always talk to a professional if posting online isn’t helpful or hard to do.

In all, I feel like when I open the page I am welcomed into a positive, friendly environment. I am tempted to join myself if anything, to get the feel of what they are going through. I am so interested in seeing how a community helps lift the weight off of your shoulders.



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  1. I have been in contact with Macmillan before and I think it is a great online community for those dealing with cancer. I helps them become more optimistic. They have the chance to get support from those people who deal with the same problem, those who understand the the best. Also, the biggest quality of the website is the fact that it allows its users to get professional help if it is necessary.


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