Share your knowledge with ResearchGate

I discovered ResearchGate by case, while wandering on internet.

The concept of this online community is brilliant yet extremely simple. The aim is to combine alike minds on the same field, and most of all, on the same platform. Anyone, from all over the world, can share and get knowledge about a certain topic; and debate and confront with professionals with different points of view and cultures.

I find it amazing. It’s such a simple idea, but it allows professionals such as professors and researchers as well as students or just onlookers to connect. The platform works as a sort of online curriculum as well, giving the possibility to share projects and publications and finding contacts within the research ambit.

The limits that an open and unfiltered platform like this could lead to are related to the reliability of the sources received. I myself clicked the wrong category to register in the community and, at my entry on the platform, I suddenly was a respectful researcher in media.

However, the pitfalls of the web are broadly acknowledged by now. A bit of ‘gnegnero‘ (awareness) as my Italian grandma would say in her old dialect, is always necessary online.



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  1. This is a good example to use since it’s more academic and professional than what most other people decided to talk about this week, from what you have said I think that this is a really good platform for students such as ourselves, especially since we clash in the middle of the media studies with some doing journalism, radio, tv and so on. Another thing to keep in mind would be the reliability of it, what if someone posting as a Professor was to post incorrect information and mislead students ?


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