The Professional Benefits of Linkedin

Linkedin is the platform for a business-oriented, professional social networking, a stage for individuals to be exposed, to make contact, to learn new opportunities. Linkedin launched on 2003; In its first three years alone, Linkedin reached an amazing number of 20 million users. Today, the website has hundreds of millions of users throughout the world.LinkedIn-meme.png


Whilst other social media platforms offer to network in the purpose of communication and entertainment, Linkedin is giving its users the extra value of professional connections. The platform benefits its active users as a hallway full of doors, with great opportunities for those that dare to knock, or, at least, to expose themselves enough. The platform is the opportunity to share your skills and improve your chances for employability, or for reaching opportunities for work experience.

The connection between the users is by the option to post your opinion among people with potentially the same type of interests. Users, individuals or companies, are able to connect each other directly, but the access must be approved. I believe that different to other social media platforms, Linkedin, for the good or the bad, allows its audience a course of privacy.

I believe that a community, or a platform that allows various communities, based on skills and interests- is a positive use of the media by the public. Linkedin, as a community, is the example of the way in which linkedin-puzzlethrough the media, we may benefit each other.



  1. Great example of online communities, it allows students and others to showcase professional work and can give great connections with those actually in a certain discipline. Due to the rise of social media employers often check social media accounts, which lets face it can be quite damaging to ones professional career, so LinkedIn offers a perfect chance to offer the professional side to you, as I believe personal lives should remain private!


  2. I am registered to LinkedIn as it is a great opportunity to build my career and network with people from the industry and with people that I believe I will benefit from. It is a great source of online communities in a more professional manner. It is also a great way to connect with past colleagues and build our online profile with skill assets for other people to see. They might find something interesting and offer opportunities, as this website allows us to have a professional, work standard online community. As Charli mentioned above me, everyone is there for the same purpose, to network with each other, therefore it is easy to use and everyone registered will have a positive attitude to all users.

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  3. I agree with your points that LinkedIn is a great platform for users to be part of a community where they know that the social etiquette is to be purely professional and therefore users already have something in common. It is a good example of an online community for this reason – every user is there for the same purpose and therefore are happy to interact with each other.

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