Communities Online.

x box

It’s been rather a long time since I last played X Box or consoles alike in an online community, in fact the last time probably was way back in year 9, a 14 year old me sat in front of a TV hid away in my bedroom all night. X Box and Playstation have an online feature, meaning you can chat to other gamers around the world not just your friends, it also allows you to compete against each other, in particularly with EA’s Fifa.

I remember talking to all sorts of people online, especially when as part of a clan competing against others, mainly quick scope sniper matches on Call of Duty. However more recently the online community has changed, with gamers making YouTube videos on game walkthroughs or just simply playing the game but at a high level. These people have gained a fanbase and even made money from such videos, so this has therefore thrown them into a new online community, sharing videos and gaining a fanbase online.

Many of these people who have become friends actually meet up in real life, at events like conventions or game releases.

Who would of thought you can become friends with a stranger playing the same game as you?


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