Dating websites: yes or no?

Dating websites is a good example of an online community as it allows single people with common interest to meet. Personally I feel like dating websites can having their positives and negatives. An advantage would be that it allows people from different locations to find love, it is a good site for people who have low confidence as it gives them the ability to interact more as they a not standing in front of the other person.

A negative could be that people could result to the formation of fake accounts, this is known as ‘catfishes’, this is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.  This is a common problem with dating sites in particular. A few are examples of dating websites that have a specific target audience and can therefore be perceived as limitations are as follows:

  • Elite singles is a dating website specifically aimed at ‘elite’ individuals, aged 30 and above who come from higher income and education groups. This is in some ways degrading to individuals that don’t meet their criteria
  • Soul swipe is another example of a dating websites however this mainly focuses on the race of the individual. It is primarily for black people living in the UK.
  • Christian mingle is targeted towards religious Christians therefore promoting the thought that Muslims or individuals of other religions can’t interact with them.


elite.pngmiglewd.pngOverall dating websites is a positive example of an online community as it people that take part in it do benefit from their participation in the sites.



  1. I like this post mainly because the title caught my attention and made me exclaim “ooh!” You definitely pose an interesting question and according to anyone individually, they would either be for or against online dating. It is a very complicated community but makes for an interesting read

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  2. This is a great post! I’ve always found the idea of online dating quite floored, as there is plenty of opportunity to fake an account and ‘catfish’ others! Also the idea of ‘elite singles’ i find very odd! But this was a really interesting read! 🙂

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