Flickr is a photo management and sharing application, Flickr was first launched in 2004 mainly for photographers and also for people who want to organise and share their photos.


The number of users on Flickr had initially grown so fast which allowed the company to expand and sell the app a year after it’s development to Yahoo in 2005, so what’s significant about the participation of these users besides allowing Yahoo to commercialise it?

The users of Flickr also have communities within the community of Flickr as a whole, users can create their own groups, public or private for them and their friends, or to find people who share people with similar interests, and example of a group would be University of Westminster Students. (Saudi students abroad is a group i’m a member of for example)

Users benefit through Flickr by making a name for themselves as photographers and by showing other photographers their skill and potential which could allow collaborations with other people, some challenges of Flickr though is the limitation of data that users can upload, each user with a free account can add up to a Terabyte of pictures and videos (which is still a big size of storage), users can then update their content by deleting old stuff and adding their new work.




  1. Flickr is a great way for photographers to share their work with other photographers in a online community. Not only is a good way to find an already established photographer’s work in one place, but it can also be good for dedicated up-and-coming photographers who are looking for mass exposition. It’s easy to share the pictures and, like other online communities, can be a good place for networking and to receive constructive criticism. Good post!

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  2. Nice post! I think it is a really nice to find someone who is absolute strange to share the same interest online as you said. The mystery and potentiality of internet has significantly attracted me as well. There is only one thing that in my opinion you can add a bit to your post, perhaps it is better to describe a bit more the comparison between Flickr and other photograph application in order to outlined its specificity.

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