Ready, Set, Go!


With the Nike+ Fuelband, the sports manufacturer giant made a step into the world of the so called health apps.

The Fuelband is a wearable gadget – bracelet – which connects to your smartphone and keeps track of your fitness achievements, including step counts, your running routes and much more. The app as well as the desktop version will give you an insight on your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly achievements, in order to see where you can improve and how to enhance your fitness routines.

Your efforts will be converted in a by Nike designed digital currency – Nike Fuel, which will motivate you to achieve your daily goals. All your achievements can be shared with the online community or on social media, which will give you the extra bit of motivation you need!

Limitations include the obligation to purchase the bracelet as well as owning either an Android or iOS phone. The Fuelband – besides being a motivational tool – can additionally be described as a marketing tool, which encourages you to purchase further Nike products.

Find out more insights on the Nike+ Fuelband and community in this video and let me know what you think of this gadget.


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  1. Overall, I do believe that the Fuelband is a very promising and useful gadget. What it does, I believe, is it gives you that extra push to actually stick to your resolutions to start exercising.
    I strongly agree with you that the online community aspect of the invention is what gives you the extra motivation as well, not only because it offers support from other members, but because we tend to show off, even if just a little, if an opportunity like this comes up 🙂 Yet the limitations in this case are clear – you cannot become a part of the community if you do not purchase the product, which, to some of us, might seem a little too pricey and unnecessary. I myself, for instance, would most likely not purchase the gadget, as I do not believe that I could be persuaded to keep fit by an expensive bracelet 🙂 Yet I see how it helps the community, and overall I consider this to be a great example of a good online community.


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