SoundCloud is an online community that gives users a platform to share audio. It was created by two men in Stockholm who were frustrated that there was no place for them to share their audio files with each other.

SoundCloud allows users to share their audio with users with similar interests by tagging their content with key words. Then, users can listen to and comment on it, which allows the user to engage with other people while getting ideas on what’s good and what to improve on with their content. Furthermore, SoundCloud gives users better exposition by allowing them to share it on other social media sites, like Facebook.

Another positive aspect is that, as well as being able to tag key words so that other users can find your content more easily, users are also able to create groups focused on certain subjects or genres of music and gathering content together. This would create a space for people with similar interests to discuss the audio and get opinions of other like-minded people.

Obviously, like every online community, there are going to be users that enjoy being rude and posting negative comments for the sake of it. But, SoundCloud have made it easy to block and report users like that, so it’s not much of a problem. Overall, this online community is a brilliant platform for users to discover new audio and post your own that can be exposed to millions of users worldwide.



  1. Cool example to use, not only does Soundcloud allow for amateur music makers to promote their music online but also gain knowledge from experienced users and musicians. It also allows for exchanges in tips and advice and the chance to meet up with others and collaborate.


  2. A great example for online community! I believe Soundcloud represents a stage for opportunities and communication for many amateurs artists, young passionate musicians, that can make their start through this website. I agree with you that as in any online platform, some audience will use it negatively, but clearly the idea of SoundCloud as a whole is very positive.


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