Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight is a online community since it brings people together who share the same interests, however its more for creating a audience for a specific game to be made however recently it has introduced movies and books in the pile. Since Steam has started to gain more attention by lots of people it has started to change for example it started off being a digital store now its a place where people can come together to play games, watch movies or if they really wanted to read a book together. Steam Greenlight helps the unknown people who are trying to be game developers or movie makers to have a chance to get their idea out to a audience who can support or fund the idea which allows the creator to make money off their idea and to get some acknowledgement. When the audience help out on the ideas they are raising awareness of the certain item to people as if it hits a certain amount of supporters then it is featured in a pop up which is shown to everyone. Though this community has some great people there will not always be nice people on the internet especially since the internet is used by almost everyone, another bad thing would be that the awareness they can make is only shown to people who use Steam and is not shown anywhere else unless the creator or supporters put it there.

Link – http://steamcommunity. com/greenlight/ [accessed 01/03/16]


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  1. I can’t agree more with your idea that there is still constrains on people who really want to wide spread their work and perhaps become famous one day though the online community. Even though it benefits us a lot, online community tends to be used more for commercializing purpose, and members are hard to be verified as well. Well done!!!

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