Student Room

Is an app and website that is paired with Facebook and you connect with other class mates in your GCSE, A-level or university classes. The class is listed under the university then teacher and then your scheduled class time. When you sign up under this class you can communicate with your classmates and ask questions, share notes or study materials. You can also connect to classmates around the world by facetiming which allows you to personally engage with your classmates. The thing that might be challenging is getting all of your classmates to participate in the website. Some classes might not have a profile so when you need help you might not get it. But on the other side it provides advice when applying to university or any general advice about university. You can get assistance with your CV, choice in career, temp-jobs or any career path you want to take. It also provides tabs that advises students on relationships and health; news and entertainment and your student finances. All these are provided in order to help a student choose the best lifestyle and career they want.



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