WAYN: ‘Where Are You Now?

WAYN is a social media community helping people to find top holiday places based on their interests. The website’s aim is to make people discover where to go and what to do with similar like minded people.

It’s an online community, as everyone shares their travel opinions, and leave recommendations and advice. It’s a great website for keeping tourism intact in economic growth.

They show destinations and bullet point the three most popular things to do there, such as  Marmaris, Turkey: a place for a summer holiday, going on nice walks and sunbathing. On the page of the destination it will include, factual information such as the weather, time, currency and languages spoken. Hotel bookings and deals are shown, and previous travellers tips who have been to the place leave comments advising future tourists of what they should or not do. There is also a question and answer column, where people can get personal which is very beneficial especially for families with children for their safety.

They have 20 million members from 196 countries, almost 1.5 million travel opinions are shared monthly making it an active community platform. 1 million photos are uploaded and 200 thousand trips are added each month. Their network has grown from 45,000 users in March 2005 to over 20 million members in 196 countries until today.The website is the fastest growing travel and lifestyle social networking community in the world.

They work with the world’s biggest travel brands such as Turkish Airlines, Skype and MasterCard.



  1. Like the previous two comments, I hadn’t heard if this site before. After spending some time of the site, the array of locations allows the community share very useful information for others who are looking for new holiday destinations. This site really resembles how the world has become ‘smaller’, as hidden, far off lands can be discovered with a click. The travel advise is really useful as it, hopefully should be, based on honest experiences and information . I’ll be using this site next time I’m looking for a holiday, so thank you!

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  2. Good post! I’d never heard about WAYN before today, but it’s interesting to see something like this. Obviously, there are websites, like TripAdvisor, where people can leave reviews on places they’ve visited, but this seems to be more comprehensive than them. They list the ‘Top 5’ places to visit for certain interests and activities, feature pictures and comments from people who have also visited. Looking at their website, it gives a good example of what a positive online community is about.

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  3. This is interesting to know about, I never knew about WAYN, but since I do know about it I shall be using it every time I travel. Your post was very interesting and different from everyone else’s which I think is great, we get a better idea of online communities in our society today.

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