Leave me alone

I started to use Instagram in 2014, 92 posts have been uploaded so far. It is not a huge number, even could be seen as a considerably low record in contrast to a lot of social media activists.

Since the occurrence of social media use, I am always trying to avoid getting too attached to it. But unfortunately, things didn’t end up the way that I expected. If you type my name on any search engine, you will probably find loads of picture covered from my childhood to my previously crazy night life, also the lover letter written by my first boyfriend on his blog. Obviously, it wasn’t me who actually made them available for anyone to see online, so who? Who took our control over our own privacy? Who makes us focus more on those virtual accounts than your friends next door?

Indeed, the convenience provided by social media is hard to ignore. Especially for people like me who live abroad, far away from their family and friends. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram is used universally as the platform to share our life and keep in contact with others. But there is one thing that I certainly don’t understand and never will do, that is what the accurate definition of “private” or “only friend can see” given by internet is? Because, I am really not that invisible as promised by the sharing terms and conditions.

I can live without posting my selfie. However, I don’t think it would be possible to live without internet process nowadays. But, could you just leave me alone?



  1. i agree with your points made. i also feel like we put ourselves at risk through he things we post but thats only to be social with others but just because of that we can not dismiss the internet all together. whats life without the internet?


  2. That’s a great point. We may set our social media profiles to be private, but there are still ways that outsiders can access our information. They can even find stuff through our friends, so we may think that our profiles are private, when in reality, they’re not. I definitely cannot imagine living without the internet. Aside from social media, the internet is a HUGE resource that we would all be lost without. Sometimes it’s just scary to think about how much of ourselves is on the internet.


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