Does online privacy even exist anymore?

A lesson I learnt from sharing personal information on social media is that once it’s on the internet, it always will be and there is no way to take it down. This is why we have to be careful of what we share and post for the public to see. I was shocked when I saw an application service on Facebook called “Bongo- What does Bongo Know about you.” ( It requires you to text a number from your mobile phone with your full name and location and it will give a response about your future. I thought it would be ridiculous, so I gave it a shot and was very shocked when I received a text back:

12837540_1035056799871315_241644872_oThey not only know that I have blonde hair, they know I am studying television and also mentioned two of my friends names, though one was not spelled correctly; therefore I believe there is a person operating incoming texts and looks at Facebook profiles of costumers. This is an example of my private information not being so private on social media as everyone has access to it, not only my Facebook friends, but third party websites. I find this very disturbing; therefore I will give much more thought on what to share about myself online. Since a very young age, I have been involved with social media, sharing pictures of my life which are still probably around on the internet if I dig deeper. Have you ever googled your own name and found pictures and screen shots from your vine, twitter, Instagram or any other websites? If you can see it, everyone else can. It is essential that we look out for our online privacy and only share information that we would want our future employers to see as well. Since I am a media student and want to work in the industry, I have to put myself online so I have visibility for opportunities; however it is important we check the amount of information and the type of information we put on social media, even applications such as Snapchat. We might think our information is safe, however it travels through a system and it is always available somewhere in the world wide web and websites might gain access to it through other websites, such as finding screenshots on of my ‘Vine’ videos. However, if we have nothing to hide, we should not be worried, right?


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  1. Your post was interesting to read however I disagree with your statement of someone operating the “bongo” thing, I think its just a bot sending out information it gathered from looking on your profile like if you linked that you are attending media course then Facebook allows others to see that. I get a clear idea of what you are saying when you Google your own name but I might be one of the very few who doesn’t appear when searched not because I don’t social media enough, its just I don’t share lots of information about myself for example I didn’t have a picture of myself on Facebook until I started College almost 3 years ago. I disagree with your last statement “However, if we have nothing to hide, we should not be worried, right?” I think everyone has something to hide even if they think its nothing which wont harm them, but it’s information and that is vital in our society today.


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