Is our private life really private anymore

With social media taking over our lives, it’s even harder nowadays to keep our private lives private. With all aspects of lives covered by one form of social media. It’s even hard to be an individual and to have a private live with the rise of social media.

Having so much of your own personal life within social media can indeed be a bad thing. As many people are able to upload and use your information to create a copy of you or a fake account. Why do people do this, well no one really knows. I might be because of someone wanting to cause harm to the user or just because they want to. Admittedly there is no way in which you are able to overcome this. This is due to the nature of social media and the effect it has on people.

With the amount we share on our day to day lives is incredible. On average nearly half of the whole world’s population has at least one social media account. With Facebook being the biggest social media site with over 1.5 billion monthly users. So for many people, with the amount of contain being share, without every though getting share. Are our private lives private, well to a point no.? We share so much about it on-line we don’t have a private like we use to.



By the Numbers: 200+ Amazing Facebook Statistics (January 2016)


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  1. It’s crazy to think that nearly half of the worlds population is on social media.

    Your right that there are many negative sides to sharing on social media. However there are positive reasons why people post personal things online. The main positive is communication, as it can help us connect with distant friends and family.

    I agree that having a private life isn’t the same as it used to, due to the internet. But ultimately its up to the individual to decide how much to share, and who to share it with.

    Yet social media is a stage for people to broadcast their lives to others, as it can either be seen as a new way of expression, or just plain attention seeking.


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