The Big Brother is watching you. Online visibility and privacy in 2.0 Era.

The exponential growth of internet has not been merging smoothly with privacy issues and legal regulations related to behavior online. Just this week, we are all debating about privacy online, while observing the cyber war of Apple with FBI:

Privacy for Apple is nothing more than a marketable service

Stated yesterday the Financial Times.

Just a few months ago the phone company TalkTalk was hacked by a couple of under 18 years old, with bank details and sensitive data stolen to thousands people. In October 2014 there was the hacking scandal of personal nude pictures of well known celebrities, whose mobile phones revealed to be of easier access than they thought. A cheeky collection of  naked Jennifer Lawrence pictures winked to millions of strangers, and still does, in spite of the measurements taken to get rid of them.

Nowadays all of our most important details are online. We put pictures of our children online, floating in the meanders of something we have little knowledge of. The web giants like Google or Facebook are more vicious entities than the Big Brother of George Orwell. What’s the solution then? At the moment, none. Our lives are there, in the infinite tank of the web. The good news is that, apparently, technology and law are trying to figure out a way to preserve our most vulnerable identity.

And as long as we’re not Jennifer Lawrence our naked pictures should be safe, shouldn’t they?


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