The Sense of “Safety” Within Online Communities


In an era of wide online communication options- ‘being part’ certainly means being online. The opportunities are constantly growing, and suddenly, our entire communication skills and mentality change- as individuals and as a society. Our engagement with the various online platforms influences massively on our public exposure and its battle with our privacy.


Personally, I am actively using Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those, allow a straight access to personal information and views. My use of Facebook and Instagram mainly exposes photos of personal life events, of myself and of my friends and family. Further, I am sharing regularly my interest in different events. Twitter and WordPress, are generally offering the viewers an access to my personal views and thoughts.


Following the sense of community, I often find myself sharing generously, without much consideration of the possible consequences of its appearance on the web. While I target and imagine that my audience is my online friends only-  I trust that as soon as the content is online- I don’t have much control of the audience who may potentially access it.


I believe that today our mentality is surrounding our will to be seen, to express, and ‘to be part’. As a result, we have developed, as a society and as individuals, habits of constant sharing. The danger is when the sense of “safety” within the community is blurring our crucial considerations of our exposure online.


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