A Flashback

Growing up whilst social networks started to emerge and increasingly gained popularity, I personally never thought about consequences based on what I reveal until very late.

It all started off with a passion I developed for photography at the age of 14 and started individual blogs together with my best friend. We would regularly meet up to take pictures of each other, edit them so we could share it with everyone online. Later on, we launched  YouTube Channels, Tumblrs and Instagrams which were all linked together and promoted our blogs at the same time. Our following started to increase which of course was extremely exciting for us, on the other hand however some of our followers took it to the extreme. Fake profiles and fan pages started to emerge which we did not particularly appreciated and at such a young age, also felt quite intruding. Up to the present day all of our content is still available online, even though we stopped blogging and closed down various sites.

Of course the photography we shared online was an amazing way to express ourselves and our art. The images are also not explicit in any way, however growing up, we do wish we had more control of what is still out there. You do feel very powerless and the control over our work has been taken out of our hands. Therefore, I do believe educating younger generations to think twice before what they are going to post online is crucial.

Nevertheless, enjoy some pictures of my past and passion:





  1. I remember you groaning when we had to google each other to find out facts about one another in Critical Orientations last term, and I didn’t understand why until I did. While there’s obviously nothing substantially harmful about your pictures, others might not think as far as to make sure everything they post with their name on it actually looks nice, which can result in seriously embarrassing situations – especially in a professional setting.
    The issue of people stealing pictures and creating fake accounts is so scary, especially nowadays in the age of online dating with tons of people getting ‘catfished’, and it also raises the problematics of celebrities – online or showbiz – sharing personal content which followers then use to infringe on their privacy. Our need to share and present ourselves in a certain way so contradicts with the way we fear for intrusion of our spheres, and it will be interesting to see what people will come up with in the future to prevent this.


  2. Your post acknowledges a real problematic issue with sharing on social media, that you are ultimately powerless once you post something online. Sadly a bi-product to ‘getting your stuff out there’ is that it’s easy to copy other peoples work, with a simple copy and paste you can pass someone else’s work as your own. I agree that its’ really important to educate people on how to use the internet fairly. Also your pictures are beautiful, no wonder you gained such a following!


  3. Your example proves that education is crucial for young people seeking to gain exposure for their art, videos, creations, or even just thoughts and opinions. I believe most of us have a thing that once went online, and now we have very little control over what happens to it. In your case, it is your photos, in other cases it could be, for example, embarrassing pictures from nights out, or screenshots of stupid status updates circulating on the web. All of this can have tragic consequences regarding your reputation or credibility. Therefore, educating young people is very important, and I am sure online safety education and online visibility will become a basic part of the teaching systems in most countries one day.
    And also, I love the pictures! Great post, again 🙂


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