Adios Creepy Followers

I have always been an active social media user since I was very young.

I use to use Facebook all the time until I came to a point where I had enough and started hating the changes – such as a rise in advertisements and fan – based content filling up my Newsfeed timeline. So I deleted it. But created a new one a few weeks ago because I had to join group chats which are part of my TV module, and if I didn’t I would have missed out on a lot of information. Personally, I didn’t really want to return back to it but I had no other choice.

Just this year I have started being extra careful with what I am posting, and I have deleted my old Instagram account which I had been using for almost 5 YEARS and created a ‘private one’ so I can select my followers, as in my old one I was getting weird ‘men’ following and messaging me, and I didn’t feel comfortable having photos of myself which were easily seen by random men. Now, I use a private Instagram knowing that my posts are only seen by people I want them to be seen by – making me feel more comfortable.

I have accounts on Twitter, Snapchat, WatsApp and YouTube. They are all private, which I prefer. Before my old Twitter account was public and I would get so many weird followers tweeting me virus websites; again just like Instagram I created a new private account.

The good part of being online is that you are able to block people and have a choice in your safety. Even though, I don’t believe it keeps you ‘super-safe’ at least it’s better than having a public profile with random creepy followers.



  1. I think you post gives everyone a clear idea on how safe you should be on the internet as we never know who gets to see all of our information. I personally don’t really use social media at all unless its private chat so reading your post gave me a better insight on what type of people are online.

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  2. I am also extra vigilant when it comes to my online presence, despite being active on many platforms of social media. I understand going private as to stop unwelcome visitors onto your platform. When I was 17 years old, someone opened a Twitter account pretending to be me (I didn’t have Twitter yet). The individual took photos and information from my own other social media sites as they were public, to make their fake account look ‘real’. They then added their own (disgraceful) statuses as if I wrote them. They were a bully and I got it removed from online. However had my information not been public in the first place, they could not have stolen my online identity. May I suggest that in future, keep your accounts private as we have, but also open a public account for professional purposes such as on Twitter as to build your career and network with influential people in your field of study.


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