How visible am i online? Well lets just say if you  needed to find me just add me on snapchat (whitsxox). I feel like in today’s generation we put ourselves at risk due to the things we post online. Whilst doing the regular readings a few weeks back i came across a text by Papacharissi (2010), according to him he discusses that ‘our privacy is becoming a luxury commodity’ which simply means that we basically put our information out there in exchange to be social with others, so really isn’t privacy in our own hands?

 bet you thought id show the video lol

For instance once i made a YouTube video of me singing, i thought i was the next Beyonce so i posted it but after coming to my senses i realised i was actually more of a Rebecca Black. I managed to deleted the video but somehow my friends had fund a way to access the video and re-share it. So i guess the question is once you’ve posted something online do you still consider it to be yours or the Internets? Personally, i think its no longer under your control, whether your account is on private or not people will still somehow have access to your account. In another reading i did it also mentions that privacy is a dynamic process of optimisation, which is influenced by two psychological needs- ‘The need to preserve privacy but also the need to interact socially and therefore has to disclose personal information’. Again proving my point about privacy and what we post online is in your own hands.



  1. This is a great post. I agree that we are sometimes putting ourselves at risk online. The reading from Papacharissi sounds interesting and it sounds like she makes a good argument that we can use in further essays! Really interesting personal example as well, it shows that we are all somewhat vulnerable online whether we think so or not!

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  2. I think that this is a really interesting blog post. And I agree, that once we post something online, we no longer own it, no matter how high we set our privacy settings. I think more people need to be aware of how much of their information is shared online without them realising. This post is a good example of how nothing can ever be lost once it has been posted on the internet.

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  3. That is a great personal example. I also believe that once you press post that is it, it is on the internet forever. It is sad that many people forget that when they post things that they will regret. I am so glad that social media wasn’t a real thing until I was older because ohh lord I don’t know what I would of done or said.

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