Look at Me! Online Visibilty

Having various social media accounts can be beneficial for networking with people and exposing our content to the world, especially on Facebook or LinkedIn. But how much exposure in the online world is a good thing?

I rarely use the two main social media sites- Facebook and Twitter- but when I do I know that the content I share can only be seen by the people I want to see it. I used to post on them all the time, but even when I was 13 I knew that the only people who could see my posts were the people I wanted to see them.


Most of the time, though, I will use Tumblr or SnapChat to communicate with people and share things online. I would say I felt more comfortable posting on either of these more than Facebook or Twitter because the privacy settings are a lot more comprehensive.

SnapChat is a good place to post pictures and videos because only the people you’re friends with can view them and only for a limited amount of time: your SnapChat story will only last 24 hours. Furthermore, the app lists the people who have viewed your pictures and screen shotted your pictures so you know exactly who is viewing your content. Like all other social media accounts, users can block and report people on who they feel uncomfortable sharing things with.

Social media can be a good thing. It can be great exposition for people’s content that they want the world- or just their friends and family- to see. But, I think, users should be more aware of their privacy settings because it would lead to a safer, more enjoyable experience while using social media sites.



  1. I like the idea’s around snapchat, unfortunately for users there are now apps which can save peoples images without them knowing which is a huge breach of privacy and trust. This links in a way to convergence, once something you think is safe and private there is always away around things.


  2. Nice post!!! Regarding the advantage of using Snapchat as main social media sharing platform mentioned in the text, I just want to talk about the other side of using it in accordance to my personal shallow experience. You think, Snapchat could be used as any other implements apart from entertainment? I rarely use Snapchat, cause I have always seen stupid things on it, even though it only will last for comparatively short period of time, the efficient notice alarm is just making sure I will never miss any of those picture holding a joint between their two fingers or something even worse. Based on that, I think the operating system of Snapchat has arguably promoted the irrational social media use motivation, especially for young people.


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