My Online Presence!

To an extent I think that online visibility can be beneficial if used correctly. An example being platforms like Facebook and Twitter is a great way of sharing your own material that will get people’s attention. This can also benefit you in terms of employment as employers will get an idea of what kind of person you are.

The thought of someone typing my name into Google and having access to these sites that I have registered on seemed quite scary, but I realised that I didn’t have anything to hide and anything that I didn’t want people to see, I had the control to secure my privacy settings.

I am registered on the main social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I would say that it is mostly general information (what university I attend, and what course I’m doing) this type of information is shared only with people that I am friends with, and this information I would say is under my control. This is because I am aware the future employers can easily access what type of person you are online, therefore it’s important to keep in mind what form of identity you are portraying online.

Facebook and Instagram are the platforms I enjoy using. It seems like now people use Facebook to share world issues in forms of pictures and videos and it’s fascinating to see how quickly they spread. Overall I would say that my online presence is not too strong yet not too weak, which reflects me as a person. I would say having the right balance is important so that a clear distinction is made between who you are online versus who you are in reality.





  1. I think you’ve made a really some really good points in your blog, like how our future employers can see what type of person we are online. And how this can reflect on us as a person, we only share what we want people to see. So regardless of what we post, and whether the internet keeps that information. We have chosen to share that, so the outcome of what happens is truly down to us.


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