Online visibility

In my opinion, online visibility is not a positive side of the Internet. Personally, only thinking of the fact that someone can just type my name into Google and find information about me is frightening.

What do you think I did? (What maybe many of us did). I “googled” my name. As a result, all my accounts came up, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. Almost every social media platform I previously registered on.

Everyone can choose whether they respect their privacy or not. As for me, my accounts are private on every social media platform I use. On Facebook, the only picture one can see when visiting my profile is the cover picture, unless he or she is part of my friends list, and my Twitter and Instagram accounts are private so my activity is not visible to anyone unless they send me a follow request.

All these social networks we use everyday offer us the possibility to define privacy limits. It is one’s choice whether a stranger can see his online activity or not. Nowadays, people are more comfortable with sharing their pictures or any other information in any way (Zuckerberg, 2010). You would rather see 14 years old children posing for a new Facebook profile picture than playing interactive games.

So, I believe that being able to make our accounts private is a way to protect our privacy from strangers. But on the other way, don’t you find it a bit horrifying that someone can just find any information about you online?


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  1. Interesting post! I’ve never really thought about online visibility in a negative perspective, but obviously there are down sides to being able to see everything a user posts online. It’s a good job there a privacy settings, because I definitely wouldn’t want a stranger to see everything about my personal life.

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