Online visibility

As a journalism student, I feel it is particularly important to be visible online. The Internet is a great platform for sharing my work, and I aim to get as much coverage for my writing as possible.

In terms of social media, I am active on most of the big ones. I have a Facebook account, and it’s privacy settings are controlled by me. I have chosen to be visible mainly to my friends, although my name, and some basic information (like location) can be seen by everyone. Anything else can only be seen by my friends, who I have to accept on Facebook, to ensure I don’t share too much information.

On Twitter however, I am very different. I share most of my writing on this platform, as it is easy to link and tag to the rest of the world, through hashtags for example. Therefore, everything I post on my account can be seen by everyone, and nothing on there is secret. Because I use Twitter completely differently to Facebook, I have never registered much private information, and the only personal thing on there is my date of birth.

I am only active on one other form of social media, which is Instagram. Similarly to Twitter, I have very little, if any, personal information on Instagram. I am very careful with the kind of pictures I upload there, and anything I do put on there I am happy for the rest of the world to see, because my account is not locked.

Overall, I believe I have a strong online presence, but this does not necessarily mean I am oversharing information. For the career I want, I think it’s important to have a good balance between having a strong online presence, but staying as private as possible.



  1. I agree with what you’ve said, your privacy within social media is important because we don’t know who’s watching us. Although sites such as Facebook and twitter can see what your doing, however on a personal level its important to keep it to a level of privacy that suit the individual person.

    However the big social media sites such as Facebook and twitter should have a code of conduct were they aren’t able to share any personal information. Although we agree to the terms and conditions, there should be a point where social media sites shouldn’t see or have access to your personal page. After all it is personal for a reason.


  2. I think it is interesting that you introduced a different stance on online privacy as most people only look at the negative side to sharing information online. For all of us wanting to go into the media industry, this will be the platform for sharing our work. For example, starting out as a TV student, YouTube is one of the main ways I can share my work and LinkedIn is the main way to make content. However, the information I would share on these sites is very different to what I would share on Instagram. I wonder at what point it may be sensible to delete or reset some of my social media accounts that are purely used for the social side to ensure that I have a professional representation in the future.


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