Visibility Online

With the rise of social media, now being more apart of our lives than ever before it is pretty difficult to remain private all the time – use of personal photos, email addresses and of course your name. Even when your privacy settings are on its highest, someone, somewhere can see who you are and exactly what you are getting up too.

First of all to make a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account you must cough up some of your personal information such as an email address, your name and date of birth, this is obvious because you are making an online persona. However you may set privacy settings high, which means not anyone will be able to check you out online BUT these social media platforms now have your personal information so are you really that private? The most used information social media platforms will use if the email you have given, either they will email you a notification like Twitter or simply try advertise or promote a new service they are offering.

In the modern world people even use others personal information such as photos and the name to come across as you – this is sometimes known as Cat-fishing and often used by those who are not happy with their own identity. In some cases this can have serious consequences on you and those who are committing what might be fraud.

Mostly the internet and social media is used safely and for only good reasons.

However what I find worrying some respects is how future employees may look through your old Facebook status or tweet which wasn’t particularly appropriate and judge your outside persona as being unprofessional in some manner. I personally believe that your personal life should not interfere with professional life but I do agree that this is a good way to completely make sure the candidate is right for the job. A wise alternative to offer an employer would be LinkedIn account, so your private life can stay private and you can concentrate on a professional persona.


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