What is Private to us today?

When it comes to the internet what information should we display for everyone to see and how much? For me I tend to keep my information private and only allow friends to see information about me, for example on Facebook anyone can search for my account but limited information is shown like my school or college but not any personal information is shown. I chose to share certain information with my friends on Facebook mainly because I’m not that into using Facebook and updating it with all my information plus I personally don’t think of showing lots of information about yourself on the internet is a great idea. Any information which we choose to display on the internet is no longer under our control best example when uploading a picture to Facebook its not really yours any more, you can take it down but it will still be kept by Facebook.

As we are slowly increasing our technology we are putting up information about ourselves or about one another and that information is taken out of our hands and can be used by anyone, government or hacker. Even if we try to display barely no information about ourselves there will always be a way to get information about us from the internet.


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