You can say I’m kinda guarded

All my social profiles are private. Everyone has their reason for having a private account either it is from hiding your lives away from enemies/bullies, to just wanting your account and life to be private. Personally I love sharing my life and experience with my family and friends. On the other hand, when it comes to strangers that just try to contact me through my Messenger, I think it’s weird and I feel very uncomfortable and if they had access to my account then they see part of my life that I didn’t want them to see. I mean doesn’t most people dislike creepers? But also you do have people that are friends with you over social media and you have probably met them once or twice or were friends with them in middle school. But, even when they can see all my stuff I don’t like everyone to know what I am doing or where I go to school or intimate events in my life, even some distant family. I feel like the people that are really involved in your life should know what you’re up to and that’s it. I guess you can say I have my handful of friends and family but hey that’s just me. Snapchat for an example, I post almost everything on there but only my closet friends and family can see it because I don’t like sharing it with strangers. Because once you post your username to Instagram then a whole bunch of unnecessary people can see through another window of your life. This in turn, sways most people to conform into what is acceptable in the social media world. I think snap chat is there for you to engage and be yourself and not feel like you post anything wrong and then you’re going to get judged by how “friends” view your snaps. The user knows they are exposing this event in their life on social media and it is going to stay on the internet forever, so they make that decision of how much of themselves are exposed once they press POST.



  1. I completely agree with you and I feel like keeping a private profile would be very important, so strangers won’t be able to find out personal information. I have experienced that random strangers find me too easily and able to access my photos and even comment on it, which I have now changed, using the privacy settings. I found your point about snapchat very interesting as it is a service that operates differently since it is more personal. We put our personal ‘stories’ such as where we were last night, what we had for dinner, etc, so I do believe it is important we select wisely who we choose to share that information with.

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  2. I really like your point about how Snapchat works a little different when we compare it to Facebook or Instagram. I use Snapchat all the time and I feel like I can express myself more comfortably as I know who can see my photos or videos on ‘My Story’ through the viewers list. Whereas on the others, you can’t.

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