Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 4.58.05 PM.png is a website that hosts thousands and thousands of free songs for sharing and modification/use. The website is absolutely wonderful because it is all free music that can be used in other projects for class, presentations, own creative content, etc. I currently use this website for my digital media classes and for my podcast. It’s extremely helpful to have this resource for my own use because I am not talented enough to create my own music for my show, and because the website has such a diverse and wide selection, I can find any music for any mood.

You can download it, edit it, use the whole thing, whatever you want. You just need to acknowledge where the music came from and who produced it. I think this is a wonderful resource for those who don’t have the technology to create their own music for creative use, such as my podcast, or in my case, have the skill to do so.

If free music archive began to limit their resources and take away the availability of these songs, it would be a lot more difficult to create my own content. I could use copyrighted songs, but only so much that still qualifies as fair use. Even then I would have to argue that it is fair use, so I always stick with the easy options and use the free items.

However, if free music archive required users to purchase music, they would make SO much more money. In a business setting, that sounds like the better option, but from a creative perspective, it’s just annoying. It would become a lot more difficult to find songs that can be modified and used freely and limit the amount of creative capabilities we have. I personally would work to create my own music and musical interludes, but that would be incredibly difficult and time consuming. I don’t mean to make it seem like free music archive is the easy way out, but the amount of songs available to people like me is just incredible. It’s kind of like the Wikipedia of music.

Free music archive and creative commons are opening up so many doors to creative individuals. In the same sense as the advantages of the internet, these licenses help create and solidify new ideas. In the age of technology and creativity, what more could you need?



  1. I think this is a really good post! I also have never heard of this site before but I think that it is really useful to know about it and it can be beneficial to others if they were to use it. It’s really hard for people to find music that isn’t copyrighted that they can use in their personal videos etc. But knowing that they can use this site and that it is free for as long as the artist is credited for their music is really good and I definitely think more people should know about this website.


  2. Thank you for helping me learn about this website as this could be very useful in my TV Production course when we are not able to use copyrighted music due to laws. I think this website is very useful and I like the fact that we are free to use it as long as we credit the artist. However, people might take advantage and steal their music, claim it as their own without giving credit, therefore I think some sort of copyright law should be put on the website, but then again, that might lose costumers as many of them are there because it’s copyright free and does not require them to pay anything unlike on iTunes or famous copyrighted music.


  3. I had never heard of this site before. I wish I had because when I worked at the Council in the communications team, we needed background music to some of our infographic videos and went through a lot of free music websites in need of music just like this!

    Until I read your post, I thought I supported copyright in almost every form as I really do not appreciate it when individuals change classic literature or songs (think ‘Pride and Prejudice and the Zombies’). But this post made me see that it can be good for creative uses; public domain does not necessarily mean adapting music, it can just be the better option when using it with your own work. Thank you for the eye-opener.


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