The Sky’s the limit – copyright of BskyB and illegal streaming

BskyB, which is more commonly known as just Sky, is owned by its founder Rupert Murdock. The company has many different branches, such as Sky Movies, Sky TV and Sky Sports. I’m going to focus on the last one of these branches, Sky Sports.

In the UK, to get access to Sky, you need to sign up to a package deal that could end up costing over £50 a month on top of other bills. With these packages, the viewer gets access to Sky Go, which allows them to stream whatever channel they like online. For example, if a person was to sign up to the sports package, they could stream Sky Sports channels 1 to 5 through their laptop. Because Sky has broadcast rights to a number of events such as the Premier League, it has become hugely popular in the UK.


Therefore, the only way to legally watch most sport on TV is to be a Sky member. This is very costly, and not everyone can afford it, so many people turn to streaming sport online through illegal websites.

If Sky was to share their TV through a creative commons license, it would ensure everyone had access to watch what they want, when they want. Thus making illegal streaming completely useless, and reducing the number of people doing it.

Of course, this would never happen. As a business, Sky aims to turn a profit, so offering their services for free would completely ruin the company.

But it’s good to dream that maybe one day sport will be free, or cheaper to watch and stream.


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  1. This is my kind of dream. I am a big supporter of Liverpool FC (check out my personal Twitter for live streams of frustrations during matches; I don’t tweet outside of match-time). However I have faced the problem you discussed – I moved to Virgin TV from Sky, and ended up getting BT sports covered in my deal but could not afford the extra £20 they wanted to access Sky Sports. Luckily I have Sky Go included on my Vodafone phone package.

    As you say, of course Sky Sports would never go public as they want their profits to stay high. But you can dream. ITV are a free channel and still make profits due to high advertising costs. It can cost up to £750 to be able to show one 30 second advert on Sky Sports just the once. In comparison, a 30 second advert on the X Factor final on ITV cost £200,000. Sky Sports would have to seriously raise their prices to break even. Still, maybe one day.


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