You Tube’s Copyright Confusion

You Tube’s copyright policy is very complex, as authenticity, ownership and protection are questioned regularly. The site has both content that is under strict copyright (such as VEVO), under creative commons licence and is required to be paid for (You Tube Red). However I’m going to concentrate on content that is under the ‘Standard You Tube Licence’.tech-google-youtube-reuters

The majority of videos on You Tube are free and protected under the ‘Standard You Tube Licence’, which is meant to protect the upload, the creator and any owner of copyrighted content. However You Tube’s copyright and fair use system is heavily criticised for being incredibly easy to abuse. Some videos that explain this include- Matthias and GradeAUnderA.

Every video on You Tube has the option to run under the ‘Standard You Tube Licence’ or the ‘Creative Commons Licence’. Within the creative commons licence there are many attributes the creator can control (Which is explained well in this video). Most uploaders and viewers are unaware or misinformed of the CC licence, causing the core mass of videos to run under the standard licence. Yet if the majority of videos were under the CC licence I believe that there would be a slight reduction of copyright infringement as content providers would have allowed a certain degree of reproduction it to occur. However this would be extremely unfair for creators who DO NOT want people to just copy or re-upload their content, as other people who had no influence over the work can get money from monetising it. On the whole I believe that both laws will continue to become difficult to track due to the growing abundance of content on the site- yet if people were properly informed of the laws, infringement might decrease.giphy


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  1. I could not agree more with my colleague’s point. Copyright laws are complicated enough on their own, but when ‘decorated’ with the general public’s lack of engagement and awareness, this question turns into a debatable nightmare.

    In the specific context of YouTube, I support the statement that the platform’s copyright policy is not clear enough and therefore easily manipulated (see ‘You Tube’s Copyright Confusion’).

    However, wouldn’t it be fair to argue that ignorance and lack of knowledge are just as crucial in such matters?

    As argued in the blog post, the scope of ‘copyright ignorance’ is vast among content creators and viewers. Naturally, this has let to the ‘dominance of the default’ in YouTube’s creative empire. An occurrence, which can be very harmful.

    What can be concluded is that copyright laws and licencing need to and should be further developed.

    Until then, we can only aim to reach some kind of balance.

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