Amazon Prime and Copyright

Amazon created their own version of Netflix called Amazon Prime which costs you £40 every year. Amazon Prime display loads of content just like Netflix however Amazon Prime features recent feature films and independent films and does not tend to have older films available to stream unless you purchase the film or tv show. When you pay for Amazon Prime you can stream to any device Desktop, Laptop and your phone which is very helpful and Amazon Prime also allows you other benefits like next day delivery, although it does not apply to every item on Amazon.

If Amazon was to use the creative commons license then the only unique selling point of Amazon Prime is the next day delivery, but this will not happen unless it was a trail to make people think of buying a subscription to Amazon Prime. Amazon intend to make a profit so them allowing creative commons would be against what their aim is. If Amazon Prime did allow creative commons, which wont happen, then all the Amazon exclusives would be great to watch any time any place with it legal, which would be great but is unlikely to happen.


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  1. Although it’s unlikely to happen to share it for free, isn’t it possible for the amazon prime shows or movies to be uploaded by someone for streaming like what’s currently happening with Netflix originals ? Moreover what’s the entertainment industry going to look like in the future ? are movies and series going to be extinct since they probably will start being shared in Full HD on Facebook ?

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