Apple Music

As of this February, Apple Music had reached 11 million subscribers. Costing £9.99 per month, it is a music streaming service, which works very similarly to Spotify. You gain access to a massive record library, excellent quality tracks, and personal suggestions to discover new artists.

In this case, the creative commons license is very important. The credit and copyright must remain, and the monthly payment ensures fair distribution of the artists’ creative work.

What can be considered as a strength of the service, is that even though most of the content can be downloaded illegally from the internet, the quality of music that can be streamed is much better. This might actually make people reconsider that. The monthly payment is affordable, and the ease of access to the paid music library is seamless.

The variety of the music is vast as well, ensuring there is plenty of choice. Also, the service offers personal suggestions, in that way promoting new artists to a wider audience.

Without services like this, copyrights would be violated all the time: in the contemporary society, the music industry is changing very fast, and the public does not see the point in investing into physical copies of new releases anymore. Why would you? Everything is available online. However, illegally.

Therefore, services like Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or any other music streaming service, are very helpful for artists, as they help maintain the copyright and fair distribution of creative work.


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  1. There has been a debate around music services and how it effects the artists and producers. The artists first must allow the service to use their copyrighted material and then only get paid between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream, making it not the most helpful or effective way to pay the bills- especially for small artists.

    I personally use Spotify, mainly as I get student discount and that it’s very convenient as I have access to thousands of songs for a monthly fee, rather than having to pay per song, or go through the long and dodgy process of downloading illegally. I agree, without services like this there would be an increase in copyright breaches.

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